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The movement behind your business


The Al-Rashed group ventured into shipping and allied services back in year 1952, with a vision to cater to logistics related requirements of its associated businesses and to extend the service to other interested third parties. The business was expanded in 1975,  to provide exclusive and dedicated services after understanding the growing demand in the maritime, forwarding and logistics industry.

We are partners with various International Logistics Network providing satisfying solutions for all your logistics needs.  In its broad capability, the logistics division acts as shipping agent, charters, clearing and forwarding agents, tug and lighterage contractors  including handling bulk consignment.


Our value proposition for you

Safe and Secure

We handle your valuables and goods with utmost care.

Prompt and Reliable

We promise you timely service and delivery which you can rely upon.

Fast and Convenient

Our specialized team ensures quick and convenient service.

Key Assistance Area

We provide timely assistance and services in 

  • Logistics services over air, sea and land.

  • Ship to shore transportation.

  • Customs clearance.

  • Forwarding and warehousing.

  • Onward land transport to neighbouring countries.

  • Bulk consignment handling.

  • Packing, Crating, Marine Insurance, Project Management.

Kuwait Airport

Kuwait International Airport (KIA) is one of the most modern airports in the world equipped with state-of-the-art technologies handling around five million passengers yearly. The airport's cargo terminal, capable of accommodating up to seven freighters simultaneously, is one of the best equipped in the Gulf region. The airport is currently under expansion.

Cargo Facilities: The airport provides cargo facilities ranging from bonded warehouses, cold storage, dangerous good room (for explosives only), outsize cargo handling, radioactive material room, strong room for valuables, health office, press censorship office, veterinary office, plant inspection office, X - ray equipment.

Customs Facilities: Live Animals / Perishables / Human Remains etc. 24 hrs, 7 days a week. General cargo may be cleared 24 hours if customs formalities are completed in advance.

Kuwait Seaport

Shuwaikh port is the main port located within city limits, in the State of Kuwait, with 21 berths. The port can receive vessels of 7.5 M draft at Zero tide and vessels of 9.5 M draft at High tide. 24 hour Pilotage is available except during shift timing 0600 - 0900 approx every day.

Shuaiba port, located 54 Kms south of Kuwait city, has 20 commercial and container berths and 4 oil pier berths operated by KNPC.  The port works on a direct delivery basis. 24 hour Pilotage is available except during shift timing 0600 - 0900 approx every day.

Mina Saud ( Mina Al Zour) marine terminal is operated by Saudi Arabian Texaco Inc. The oil terminal has one Single Point Mooring Berth. The Single Point Mooring Buoy is the primary loading point at the terminal.  No Anchorage is allowed within 500 meters of the SPM. 

Mina Abdulla Sea Island consists of two berths, primarily for loading although unloading facilities are also available. The offshore berth is designed to receive tankers up to 276,000 tonnes displacement in ballast to load products and can also accommodate loaded tankers of 10.67 m.

Doha port is small coastal port with a depth of 4.3 meters. The port is used to Perth dhows, barges and coastal vessels operating between Gulf ports. The port contains 11 warehouses and 4 covered sheds and a cattle pen. 


All inclusive Solutions

Steamco Shipping Agencies Co. W.L.L.

We have been providing excellent logistics solutions the world over since 1975.