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A glimpse of glory

In liaison with "K" companies, we deliver comprehensive support packages to provide the best in class services for global EPC contractors. 

Oil and Gas industry has been the backbone of Kuwait’s economy and has a high demand for repair, maintenance, testing, and other support services. Understanding this necessity...

We are a dynamic communication solution provider to our prestigious clients including Ministries, "K" Companies etc.

The Communications division of the group was formed with the intention to provide top notch communication equipments, security systems and services to our valued clientele in Kuwait.

The business wing engaged in the production, distribution and sales of  expanded metal building utilities and chemicals.

The Manufacturing wing, with its diversified business interest is engaged in the production,distribution and sales of expanded metal, accessories and chemicals for use in domestic and industrial sectors

In response to the ever growing demand in power sector for skilled consulting, we offer management, maintenance and manpower solutions.

The Energy division of the group primarily deals in stand-alone engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and electrical supplies services for the power sector. 



Kuwait has seen tremendous transformation in the past 100 years. The discovery of Oil reserves changed the country from a modest fishing and pearl diving hamlet to the developed country of today. The Al-Rashed family has been instrumental in this marked development. In 1911, a young man by the name Abdulaziz Abdulmohsin Al-Rashed set the groundwork for what was to grow into one of the most successful and ...


OUR certifications

iso 9001
iso  14001

Local Representations

We make you feel at home

At Al-Rashed, we go that extra mile in delivering on our commitments.  We have a highly successful record of collaborating with international contractors. We become the true partners by not only offering routine services but also holding hands and even forging a joint venture. Our plethora of services include the following...


We offer guidance to our international partners in commercial aspects like pre-qualification(s), tender preparation, information on upcoming projects etc.  


We extend support and guidance in legal aspects related to business operations including rules and regulations in the State of Kuwait.  


As a local sponsor, we ensure support and guidance in attaining work permits, residency permits and assisting in other formalities for our principals.  

Public Relations

We help our international clients in establishing, building and maintaining a brand recognition which is important for the current and future projects. 

Research and Marketing

We provide strategic assistance during various project bidding stages. We also facilitate promotion of EPC's services to the end users.


We are partners with various International Logistics Networks. The logistics division acts as Shipping agent, charters, clearing and forwarding agents, tug and lighterage contractors including bulk consignment handling.



 As your local sponsor and partner, we offer to walk alongside you through the entire process of building long-lasting business relationships by laying foundations of mutual trust and respect. 

Distribution agreement
Distribution agreement
Direct investment
Direct investment
Licenced technology transfer
Licenced technology transfer
Representation agreements
Representation agreements
Consortium partnership on project by project basis
Consortium partnership on project by project basis
Locally incorporated joint venture companies
Locally incorporated joint venture companies
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Innovation, Safety, and Superior Service.

Innovative Technology

Our team of experts are committed to provide the best technical know-how.

Assured Safety

Our comprehensive safety and security measures protect men and materials involved.

Superior Service

Equipped with the best people and technology in the industry, we assure superior service. 


Pillars Behind Our Success.